Get involved

Become a Friend of PTF

As many not-for-profit organisations, PTF is solely reliant on the generous contributions of our community.

By making manageable monthly donations you will be helping a foster child to change the direction of their life with learning, life skills and confidence. You will be helping PTF to continue our life-changing work with children in foster care.


Your monthly contribution of:

  • $10 Could help buy newborn nappies for a baby going into care
  • $20 Could help buy clothing to go home with a baby from hospital going into care
  • $30 Could help fund a mentoring session for a biological child to support reunification with their child
  • $40 Could cover the costs of a safe and fun visitation between a child and their parent
  • $50 Could help buy a nappy bag to support a foster carer collecting a newborn from hospital

Donate supplies

There are many items you can donate to support our foster care community. We are open for all suggestions, so would love for you to reach out for any ideas in which you may be able to help us. Some items that we are always looking for are:

  • Bathing products
  • Bibs
  • Bottles
  • Clothes
  • Cream
  • Dummies
  • Nappies
  • Nappy Sacks
  • Toy/s
  • Wipes
  • Wraps

Corporate sponsorship

Is your business interested in making a difference in the foster care community? PTF depend entirely on corporate and private donations for financial support and we are eager to work with businesses and corporate groups to help promote both our programs and create positive PR for your company in the process.

To learn more about our corporate sponsorship packages please click the button below.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are an integral part of the Put Them First team. They contribute in a multitude of ways, from providing assistance with fundraising events through to supporting Put Them First operations.

Do you…

  • Have a desire to give back to your community?
  • Have time to commit to working in a close-knit team?
  • Love the idea of getting involved in an organisation that is going to make a difference to your community?

If you answered yes to all of these questions then we would love to hear from you. We are looking to engage volunteers across a number of roles.

We are a small but growing team who are passionate about changing and improving life for infants in foster care and their carers across our community.