Foster Carer Training

What is our Foster Carer Training Program?

We all know that carers have a heart of gold. When strategically guided and educated, their compassion and kindness can go even further and facilitate the emotional and mental support of not only the children, but also for themselves.

Put Them First (PTF) was initiated by two passionate foster carers, and our Foster Carer Training Program is one of our key initiatives and something dear to their hearts. As foster carers, they felt targeted training would have helped them enormously to better understand and support their children in care. This is how Put Them First’s (PTF) Foster Carer Training Program came to be.

PTF is currently developing multiple streams of training, designed specifically to support foster carers with raising children from 0 to 2. Our streams of training will include targeted training for specific contexts, for example: training for carers who have not previously raised children.

Foster carers may not have previous experience with many of the situations they may face when dealing with an infant, and some may feel lost and overwhelmed without the adequate tools to equip them for the uncertain road ahead. The hands-on training will provide much needed practical knowledge of what taking care of a foster child in these specific situations actually entails, covering all essential information to equip them to care for an infant and ease uncertainties.

PTF will provide a regular location where we will coordinate and facilitate this training to provide a safe and supportive space.

Helping with the Fear of the Unknown

This training will equip carers with the necessary knowledge to best support their foster child with his or her needs and will include more detail than the standard training provides.

Delivering this training ultimately means more carers will have the confidence and support to look after newborns according to their specific needs, highering the chances of living a happier, healthier life. This program may also alleviate any social stigmas around the hardships and alienation that carers have to endure under the current system, and hopefully increase the pool of carers who can provide these much needed services for children in need.


If you believe in our mission, please consider joining us a volunteer.

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