Lullaby House Pop Up


One of PTF’s first initiatives, is the establishment of a ‘pop-up’ Lullaby house to be run as a pilot program. This will involve sharing spaces in medical centres or similar facilities to monitor the success of the program, before planning the construction of a purpose-built facility.

The purpose-built Lullaby House will provide a home-like nursery environment for contact visits between biological families and their infants in care. It will also provide a space for carers to receive training and attend workshops to support the development and well-being of the child whilst in alternative care.

We want to support alternative carers by providing a quiet space to relax during contact visits, possibly talk with other carers or a Put Them First volunteer. This way, carers do not have to drive back home or wait in their car until contact hours are over, instead they can relax with a book and enjoy free tea or coffee.

Our first Lullaby House Pop Up is proudly supported by Calamvale Central Family Practice.

Special thanks to HD Photography for the photographs of our Lullaby House Pop Up.

Contact visits are currently conducted at Child Safety Service Centres (CSSC), which is only necessary in circumstances of violence or abduction risk.

Our nurseries at Lullaby House will be spacious, welcoming and well-suited for contact visits. Whilst some family visits would be supervised, it is envisaged that this would not always be necessary.


If you believe in our mission, please consider joining us a volunteer.

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